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An Amish Paradox – Diversity and Change in the World’s Largest Amish Community by Charles Hurst and David McConnell

An-Amish-Paradox-Charles-Hurst-and-David-McConnellHolmes County, Ohio, is home to the largest and most diverse Amish community in the world. Yet, surprisingly, it remains relatively unknown compared to its famous cousin in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Charles E. Hurst and David L. McConnell conducted seven years of fieldwork, including interviews with over 200 residents, to understand the dynamism that drives social change and schism within the settlement, where Amish enterprises and nonfarming employment have prospered. The authors contend that the Holmes County Amish are experiencing an unprecedented and complex process of change as their increasing entanglement with the non-Amish market causes them to rethink their religious convictions, family practices, educational choices, occupational shifts, and health care options. MORE DETAILS.

Success Made Simple by Erik Wesner

Success-Made-Simple-Erik-WesnerThe keys to better business from a thriving group of business owners – the Amish. Business can be discouraging. According to US Department of Labor figures, only 44 percent of newly-opened firms will last four years. Amish firms, on the other hand, have registered a 95% survival rate over a five-year period. And in many cases, those businesses do remarkably well-as Donald Kraybill writes: “the phrase ‘Amish millionaire’ is no longer an oxymoron.” Success Made Simple is the first practical book of Amish business success principles for the non-Amish reader. The work provides a platform of transferable principles–simple and universal enough to be applied in the non-Amish world, in a wide variety of business and management settings. MORE DETAILS.

The Confession by Beverly Lewis

The-Confession-Beverly-LewisKatie Lapp has been torn from her close-knit Plain family and community in the painful ordeal known as the shunning. But as she strikes out into the strange and sometimes dangerous “English” world, she is unaware that the man she loves is planning to return to his Amish family–and to her. Now in a special edition set to coincide with the debut of the Hallmark Channel movie, this redemptive story of love and grace offers readers a unique glimpse into the lives of the Amish. MORE DETAILS.

This book is also available as a Hallmark Movie DVD. ‘THE CONFESSION’.

Amish Values for Your Family by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Amish-Values-for-Your-Family-Suzanne-Woods-FisherFor readers who long for strong families that know how to truly enjoy life together, there is much to learn from the Amish. Values like community, forgiveness, simple living, obedience, and more can be your family legacy–without selling your car, changing your wardrobe, or moving out to farm country. In Amish Values for Your Family, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher shows how you can adopt the wisdom of the Amish when it comes to family matters. In this inspiring and practical book readers will find charming true stories interlaced with solid, biblical advice. MORE DETAILS.

The Settlers of Catan Game

The-Settlers-of-Catan-GameThe Settlers of Catan from Mayfair Games is an award-winning strategy game where players collect resources and use them to build roads, settlements and cities on their way to victory. The board itself is variable, making each game a little different from the next. Each round of The Settlers of Catan is intended to keep three or four players ages 10 and above engaged for up to 90 minutes. MORE DETAILS.

The Amish: Photographs of an American Treasure by David Petty

The-Amish-Photographs-of-an-American-Treasure-David-PettyFrom the heart of the Amish culture in Holmes County, Ohio, comes this story of an Amish preacher’s faith in Christ, a story of a father’s love and prayers reaching across the expanse of time and touching the heart of his son seven years after his own death. A father’s prayer, answered by JESUS CHRIST Himself, turns the heart of a rebel son to the heart of God. A book conceived in suffering and birthed through prayer, Rob’s story and his deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ will touch your heart as you contemplate your own spiritual journey. MORE DETAILS.

Dutch Blitz Game

Dutch-Blitz-Amish-GameDutch Blitz is a fast-moving card game for up to 4 people. Contents include 160 cards and rules. It’s quick to learn but hard to master. A great family game! MORE DETAILS.

The Amish Gone a-Courtin Jigsaw Puzzle by Bill Coleman

The-Amish-Gone-a-Courtin-Jigsaw-Puzzle-Bill-ColemanA young Amish man is on his way to call on a special friend in Gone a-Courtin’ – Bill Coleman’s The Amish Collection, a 500 piece puzzle. Pennsylvania photographer Bill Coleman’s beautiful images gives us a glimpse into the lives and customs of an Old Order Amish Community. Perfect for ages 13 and above. MORE DETAILS.

The Amish Fall Splendor Jigsaw Puzzle by Bill Coleman

The-Amish-Fall-Splendor-Jigsaw-Puzzle-Bill-ColemanAn Amish buggy clip clops down the lane framed by autumn leaves in Fall Splendor – Bill Coleman’s The Amish Collection, a 500 piece puzzle. Pennsylvania photographer Bill Coleman’s beautiful images gives us a glimpse into the lives and customs of an Old Order Amish Community. Perfect for ages 13 and above. MORE DETAILS.

The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club by Wanda Brunstetter

Half-Stitched-The-Amish-Quilting-Club-Wanda-BrunstetterNow a New York Times Bestseller! Join the club of unlikely quilters who show up for Amish widow Emma Yoder’s quilting classes. A troubled young woman, a struggling couple, a widower, a rough and tough biker, and a preacher’s wife make up the mismatched lot. But as their problems begin to bind them together like the scraps of fabric stitched together in a quilt, they learn to open up and lend a helping hand. Is this what God had in mind to heal hurting hearts and create beauty from fragments? MORE DETAILS.

Amish Reflections by Joyanne Toth Ham

Amish-Reflections-Joyanne-Toth-HamTake a peek into the Amish world. Next to God, children, hard work and noodles what do these people love best? Horses? Going barefoot? Would you like to know? Here is a firsthand account from an “English” taxi driver who found out for herself. Her month by month stories will surprise and captivate you. Amish Reflections interweaves everyday living and simple faith with a delightful dash of humor. This is storytelling at its finest. Heart-warming personal encounters, shared laughter and recipes provide insight and spice for those who are curious to know more about the Amish. Life in the slow lane…experience it! MORE DETAILS.

The Unlikely Making of a Mennonite Minister by Herman Myers

The-Unlikely-Making-of-a-Mennonite-Minister-Herman-MyersThe Unlikely Making of A Mennonite Minister, is the autobiography of Herman Myers. It is the account of his journey through life from a Pennsylvania farmboy to serving as a Mennonite minister for 52 years. A high school drop-out, growing up without knowledge of who Mennonites were, he followed an early inner call to ministry. Through many twists and turns he responded to God’s call and was ordained to serve six Mennonite churches over a period of 52 years. He retired from pastoral ministry in 2010. MORE DETAILS.

Growing Up Amish: A memoir by Ira Wagler

Growing-Up-Amish-Ira-WaglerOne fateful starless night, 17-year-old Ira Wagler got up at 2 AM, left a scribbled note under his pillow, packed all of his earthly belongings into in a little black duffel bag, and walked away from his home in the Amish settlement of Bloomfield, Iowa. Now, in this heartwarming memoir, Ira paints a vivid portrait of Amish life—from his childhood days on the family farm, his Rumspringa rite of passage at age 16, to his ultimate decision to leave the Amish Church for good at age 26. Growing Up Amish is the true story of one man’s quest to discover who he is and where he belongs. MORE DETAILS.

A Basketful of Broken Dishes by Naomi Stutzman

A-Basketful-of-Broken-Dishes-Naomi-Mullet-StutzmanThis true story demonstrates God’s faithfulness to an Amish couple. Simon’s refusal to submit to the Amish rules stresses his marriage. The bishops demand that Susan, his wife, must obey the rules she promised to keep and to shun her rebel husband. Who was she to obey, God or man? Together they become a perfect team to set their family free from the bondage of “religion.” The story is told by their daughter, Naomi, born to them after they leave this close-knit community. These heartbreaking and joyous stories are life-changing and proclaim the mighty truth that God continues to care for and work in the lives of the simple, the wounded, and the brokenhearted. MORE DETAILS.

Grace Leads Me Home by Marlene Miller

Grace-Leads-Me-Home-Marlene-MillerWhen a small-town Ohio girl met an Amish boy ice skating at the local pond, she had no idea all God had in store for her from this chance encounter. All Marlene knew was how gracefully he slid across the ice, and how gently he tightened her laces. Her curious and inquisitive nature was calmed by his patient, sensible answers. With problems at home, Marlene poured herself into band, cheerleading, singing, and twirling. But the true peace she was seeking was not found until one life-changing moment with God at her kitchen sink. The inner change was reflected outwardly as she embraced the Amish way of life. MORE DETAILS.

Hiking Through by Paul Stutzman

Hiking-Through-Paul-StutzmanAfter Paul Stutzman lost his wife to breast cancer, he sensed a tug on his heart–the call to a challenge, the call to pursue a dream. Paul left his stable career, traveled to Georgia, and took his first steps on the Appalachian Trail. Paul is a life-long resident of Holmes County Ohio Amish country. In Hiking Through, you’ll join Paul on his remarkable 2,176-mile hike through fourteen states in search of peace and a renewed sense of purpose, meeting fascinating and funny people along the way. You’ll discover that every choice we make along the path has consequences for the journey and will come away with a new understanding of God’s grace and guidance. MORE DETAILS.