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Business with a Higher Purpose by Paul Weaver

Business-With-A-Higher-Purpose-Paul-WeaverThis book is about the 40 yr. journey & Leadership principals that have taken Weaver Leather from a small 3 person, Mom & pop operation to 300 employees & Number one status in the industry.The secrets to our success are found in our Leadership principals & our commitment to serving our customers & employees with excellence. This story proves that Christian Businesses can not only survive but thrive in todays business climate. MORE DETAILS.

Success Made Simple by Erik Wesner

Success-Made-Simple-Erik-WesnerThe keys to better business from a thriving group of business owners – the Amish. Business can be discouraging. According to US Department of Labor figures, only 44 percent of newly-opened firms will last four years. Amish firms, on the other hand, have registered a 95% survival rate over a five-year period. And in many cases, those businesses do remarkably well-as Donald Kraybill writes: “the phrase ‘Amish millionaire’ is no longer an oxymoron.” Success Made Simple is the first practical book of Amish business success principles for the non-Amish reader. The work provides a platform of transferable principles–simple and universal enough to be applied in the non-Amish world, in a wide variety of business and management settings. MORE DETAILS.