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Renegade Amish by Donald B. Kraybill

Renegade-Amish---The-Story-of-the-Bergholz-Amish-BeardcuttersOn the night of September 6, 2011, terror called at the Amish home of the Millers. Answering a late-night knock from what appeared to be an Amish neighbor, Mrs. Miller opened the door to her five estranged adult sons, a daughter, and their spouses. It wasn’t a friendly visit. Within moments, the men, wearing headlamps, had pulled their frightened father out of bed, pinned him into a chair, and—ignoring his tearful protests—sheared his hair and beard, leaving him razor-burned and dripping with blood. The women then turned on Mrs. Miller, yanking her prayer cap from her head and shredding it before cutting off her waist-long hair. About twenty minutes later, the attackers fled into the darkness, taking their parents’ hair as a trophy for their community.

The Amish by Kraybill, Johnson-Weiner, Nolt

The-Amish-Don-Kraybill-Karen-Johnson-Weiner-Steven-NoltThe Amish have always struggled with the modern world. Known for their simple clothing, plain lifestyle, and horse-and-buggy mode of transportation, Amish communities continually face outside pressures to modify their cultural patterns, social organization, and religious world view. An intimate portrait of Amish life, The Amish explores not only the emerging diversity and evolving identities within this distinctive American ethnic community, but also its transformation and geographic expansion.

Donald B. Kraybill, Karen M. Johnson-Weiner, and Steven M. Nolt spent twenty-five years researching Amish history, religion, and culture. Drawing on archival material, direct observations, and oral history, the authors provide an authoritative and sensitive understanding of Amish society. MORE DETAILS.

This book is also available as a PBS original ‘AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’ video DVD.


One Light Still Shines by Marie Monville

One-Light-Still-Shines-Marie-MonvilleMy story is not about my past, but about your future,’ says Marie Roberts Monville. In the startling tragedy of the Amish schoolhouse shooting at Nickel Mines, one story has never been told; Marie Roberts Monville, the wife of the man who created such horror, tells her story for the very first time. It is a story of sorrow and destruction, but also one of majestic deliverance, unending compassion, breathtaking forgiveness, and grace-filled redemption. MORE DETAILS.


Thrill of the Chaste: The Allure of Amish Romance Novels by Valerie Weaver-Zercher

Thrill-of-the-ChasteValerie Weaver-Zercher combines research and interviews with devoted readers, publishers, and authors to produce a lively and provocative examination of the Amish romance novel. She discusses strategies that literary agents and booksellers use to drive the genre’s popularity. By asking questions about authenticity, cultural appropriation, and commodification, Thrill of the Chaste also considers Amish fiction’s effects on Amish and non-Amish audiences alike. MORE DETAILS.

New York Amish: Life in the Plain Communities of the Empire State by Karen M. Johnson-Weiner

New-York-AmishJohnson-Weiner welcomes readers into the lives of Amish families in different regions of New York State, including the oldest New York Amish community, the settlement in the Conewango Valley, and the diverse settlements of the Mohawk Valley and the St. Lawrence River Valley. The congregations in these regions range from the most conservative to the most progressive. Johnson-Weiner reveals how the Amish in particular regions of New York realize their core values in different ways; these variations shape not only their adjustment to new environments but also the ways in which townships and counties accommodate—and often benefit from—the presence of these thriving faith communities. MORE DETAILS.

From Rumspringa to Marriage: An Excerpt from The Amish by Don Kraybill

From-Rumspringa-to-Marriage-An-Excerpt-from-The-Amish-Author-Don-KraybillRumspringa, literally translated as “running around,” is a time when Amish youth socialize with their peers and are allowed some autonomy before officially joining the church as young adults. It has become one of the most recognized aspects of Amish life, both real and mythologized. During this time they face the two most crucial decisions of their lives: whether to join the church, and if and whom to marry. Rumspringa, an exciting adventure and at times a period of inner turmoil, commences at age sixteen—or seventeen in more traditional groups—and continues until marriage. With few exceptions, adolescents eagerly count the days until they are old enough to join the young folks. In this digital short, Kraybill considers the nuances of this important rite of passage into Amish adulthood. MORE DETAILS.

Ivory Pal: Born to Fly Higher by McCauley, Prill, Bowles

Ivory-Pal-Cindy-McCauleyTry as they might, the trainers could not get Ivory Pal to comply with the “traditional” Tennessee Walking Horse training techniques. The beautiful palomino colt had completely given up, shut down, relegated to a box stall 24/7, until he met his new partner Rafael Valle. His fate was about to take a U-turn. A heartwarming true story of a “show horse reject”, his trials and triumphs, and his relationship with Valle built on trust and mutual respect rather than on fear and intimidation. MORE DETAILS.

The Gospel According to Mary, Mother of Jesus by Don Bartow

The-Gospel-According-to-Mary-Mother-of-Jesus-Don-BartowWe are pleased to share with you a remarkably down-to-earth and wonderfully presented book by Donald W. Bartow, The Gospel According to Mary, Mother of Jesus. With compelling sensitivity and tenderness, Bartow captures the life of Jesus from the unique perspective of His mother, Mary, the woman God chose and blessed to bring His Son to Earth. MORE DETAILS.

Jesus: In Ethiopia by Jim Rankin

Jesus-in-Ethiopia-Jim-RankinA mysterious island… guardian monks… exotic locations…the Ark of the Covenant…and one of the most revealing stories ever discovered about the early years of Jesus Christ, all come together in this intriguing true adventure. Jim Rankin takes you on an Indiana Jones-like exploration over deserts and mountains, through jungles and across a massive lake to a forbidden island to open an ancient treasury housing one of the most fascinating finds in history to the whereabouts of the young Jesus. From Jim’s encounter in the hills of Tennessee to his amazing adventures in the exotic mountains of Ethiopia, a hidden secret will finally be answered as you come to the edge of your seat for this true-to-life God led adventure. MORE DETAILS.

Out of the Depths by Rachel Lofgren

Out-of-the-Depths-Rachel-LofgrenRead about the tragic events that destroyed Ludmilla’s security in her family structure and caused heart pain difficult to imagine. Broken and lonely, she arrives at a crossroad. Will Ludmilla make the right decision? Readers will find themselves drawn into Ludmilla’s story as she seeks answers . . . and at last finds God. As Jesus Christ lifts her from the depth of sin, Ludmilla exchanges her heartaches and longings for deep peace and joy. Her insatiable thirst for God’s Word will inspire readers to seek God more earnestly. MORE DETAILS.

A Little Bit of Charm by Mary Ellis

A-Little-Bit-of-Charm-Mary-EllisRachel King has always wanted to work with horses, but when her handsome boss sweeps her off her feet, she starts to doubt everything in life, including her Amish faith. Horse breeder and trainer, Jake Brady dreams of winning the Kentucky Derby with his new colt. But how much is he willing to risk for a chance at fame and fortune? A Little Bit of Charm–a story about making choices that will last a lifetime. MORE DETAILS.

Come as You Are by Lisa Troyer

Come-as-You-Are-Lisa-TroyerLooking for a place to belong Find it through an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. Come as You Are. . .and experience a full life. A life filled with passion and purpose. MORE DETAILS.

A Place to Belong by Lisa Troyer

A-Place-to-Belong-Lisa-TroyerEvery woman needs a place to belong, and thats the underlying theme of this book from Lisa Troyer of Circle of Friends Ministries. Looking for “a place to belong”? Find it in a community of women fostering relationships through authenticity, affirmation and accountability—find it in the Circle of Friends. Your outlook will never be the same as you explore the ministry potential of a dynamic group of “women helping women,” and catch their vision to be women committed to Jesus Christ, obediently seeking God’s will, and fulfilling their life mission as Christ-followers. MORE DETAILS.

Business with a Higher Purpose by Paul Weaver

Business-With-A-Higher-Purpose-Paul-WeaverThis book is about the 40 yr. journey & Leadership principals that have taken Weaver Leather from a small 3 person, Mom & pop operation to 300 employees & Number one status in the industry.The secrets to our success are found in our Leadership principals & our commitment to serving our customers & employees with excellence. This story proves that Christian Businesses can not only survive but thrive in todays business climate. MORE DETAILS.

My Amish Childhood: A True Story of Faith, Family, and the Simple Life by Jerry Eicher

My-Amish-Childhood-Jerry-EicherBestselling fiction author Jerry S. Eicher (nearly half a million books sold) turns his pen to a moving memoir of his life growing up Amish. Jerry’s mother was nineteen years old and nine months married when he was born. She had received Grandfather Stoll’s permission for the wedding because she agreed to help out on the farm the following year. However, with Jerry on the way, those plans failed. Jerry recounts his first two years of school in the Amish community of Aylmer, Ontario and his parents’ decision to move to Honduras. Life in that beautiful Central American country is seen through an Amish boy’s eyes–and then the dark days when the community failed… MORE DETAILS.

The Wanderers by Paul Stutzman

The-Wanderers-Paul-StutzmanAn Amish Love Story About Hope and Finding Home. Everything in God’s nature, Johnny observed, did what it was created to do. Everything, that is, except the human race. Johnny was born into an Amish family, into a long line of farmers and good businessmen. He is expected to follow the traditions of family and church as he grows to adulthood. But even as a boy, he questions whether he can be satisfied with this lifestyle. He wants “more” – more education, more travel, more opportunity. His restlessness leads him down a dangerous road where too much partying and drinking result in heartbreaking consequences. He’s adrift, and no one seems to be able to help him find his direction. Then he meets spunky Annie… MORE DETAILS.

Coming Into Focus : From an Amish Childhood to a Journey of Many Choices by Mary Schwartz

Coming-into-Focus-Mary-SchwartzI often wonder how a young Amish girl roaming the fields on a farm in Ohio became a woman who lived in Europe, gave birth to a non-Amish son, divorced, became a psychologist, and married a wonderful Jewish man. My life has encompassed an incredible amount of richness, several periods of intense pain, and immense change. Sometimes I couldn’t seem to catch up with myself. As I started writing, I found the thoughts that came to me were the happy times of childhood, the wonderful memories I hold close to my heart. MORE DETAILS.

Finding My Voice by Joshua Bechtel

Finding-My-Voice-Josh-Bechtel“Okay, then, make me lovable.” “What do you mean, ‘make me lovable?’ What’s this about ‘make me lovable’? Who decides who is ‘lovable’?” Why am I revolting against where this is going? I…am not…lovable… It has been ingrained into me that I am not… I have been told that I am not… and I have agreed and accepted and lived out of the”fact” that I am not… The idea that I am… turns everything I thought I had perceived and received to be true…upside down. MORE DETAILS.

The Names of Our Tears: An Amish-Country Mystery by P.L. Gaus

The-Names-of-Our-Tears-P-L-GausRuth Zook returns home to Holmes County, Ohio, carrying a heavy suitcase and a heavier heart. Coerced into becoming a drug mule, Ruth retaliates by destroying her illicit burden and pays for it with her life. When Fannie Helmuth confesses that she was similarly coerced, Sheriff Bruce Robertson realizes that the drug dealers’ operation reaches all the way to Florida’s Pinecraft Amish community. He immediately moves the investigation South, where more innocent lives are in jeopardy. Like the bestselling books in Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire series, The Names of Our Tears is a riveting mystery loaded with the page-turning thrills and suspense that readers love. MORE DETAILS.

John Schmid – Holmes County Amish Country Singer and Songwriter

John-Schmid-Amish-Country-Singer-SongwriterJohn Schmid is an Amish Country Legend who loves to sing Johnny Cash and Pennsylvania Dutch songs. John is well-known in Amish and Mennonite circles all over the country for his casual, country folk style music. In addition to music, John has a passion for prison ministry and for people to know the Lord. MORE DETAILS.


Biking Across America by Paul Stutzman

Biking-Through-Paul-StutzmanAfter Paul Stutzman finished hiking the Appalachian Trail, he found himself longing for another challenge, another adventure. Trading his hiking boots for a bicycle, Paul set off to discover more of America. Starting at Neah Bay, Washington, and ending at Key West, Florida, Paul traversed the 5,000-mile distance between the two farthest points in the contiguous United States. He encountered nearly every kind of terrain and weather the country had to offer–as well as hundreds of fascinating people whose stories readers will love. MORE DETAILS.

Amish Cooks Across America: Recipes and Traditions from Maine to Montana by Lovina Eicher, Kevin Williams

Amish-Cooks-Across-America-Recipes-and-Traditions-Lovina-Eicher-Kevin-WilliamsThe popular columnist and cookbook author The Amish Cook explores the traditions of Amish settlements across America, with more than 100 new recipes from Amish and Mennonite communities, as well as profiles of the communities themselves. Divided into chapters highlighting Amish groups in the North, South, East, West, and Midwest, with side trips to Canada and Central America, this recipe book doubles as a travelogue, sampling the cultural and culinary differences among Amish and Mennonite communities across the nation. MORE DETAILS.

Love Finds You in Sugarcreek Ohio by Serena Miller

Love-Finds-you-in-Sugarcreek-Ohio-Serena-MillerLove Finds You in Sugarcreek Ohio is a romantic novel based in Sugarcreek, Ohio. A mysterious outsider casts a long shadow in Ohio Amish country. Policewoman Rachel Troyer has always looked after her three elderly Amish aunts, proprietors of a farmhouse inn near Sugarcreek, Ohio. The idyllic town is popular with tourists, who come to sample its famous Amish goods.MORE DETAILS.

Little did author Serena B. Miller realize that her book would be made into a made-for-TV movie. The movie was filmed entirely on location in the Sugarcreek Ohio Amish country area.


Dying to Live by Robert Yoder

Dying-to-Live-Robert-YoderFrom the heart of the Amish culture in Holmes County, Ohio, comes this story of an Amish preacher’s faith in Christ, a story of a father’s love and prayers reaching across the expanse of time and touching the heart of his son seven years after his own death. A father’s prayer, answered by JESUS CHRIST Himself, turns the heart of a rebel son to the heart of God. A book conceived in suffering and birthed through prayer, Rob’s story and his deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ will touch your heart as you contemplate your own spiritual journey. MORE DETAILS.

Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Cream

Amish-Origins-Deep-Penetrating-Pain-Relief-CreamGreaseless Formula. Amish Origins Medicated Pain Relief Cream allows deeper penetration and provides longer lasting, ultra-soothing relief. MORE DETAILS.

Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Ointment

Amish-Origins-Deep-Penetrating-Pain-Relief-OintmentAmish Origins Medicated Pain Relief Formula allows deeper penetration and provides longer lasting, ultra-soothing relief. MORE DETAILS.

A Heart to Belong by Johnny Miller

A-Heart-to-Belong-Johnny-MillerWithin the heart of every child is a desire to belong, a yearning to feel at home. But where can innocent children turn when their small world becomes a place of abuse, neglect, or abject poverty that threatens to crush them? Will they find someone who cares? By 1997, more than fifty hurting children had found a safe place at the Nathaniel Christian Orphanage in Romania. Laugh and cry your way through the stories of the Millers second and third years at the orphanage. MORE DETAILS.

The Amish Way by Kraybill, Nolt, Weaver-Zercher

The-Amish-Way-Authors-Donald-Kraybill-Steven-Nolt-David-Weaver-ZercherThis second book by the authors of the award-winning Amish Grace sheds further light on the Amish, this time on their faith, spirituality, and spiritual practices. They interpret the distinctive practices of the Amish way of life and spirituality in their cultural context and explore their applicability for the wider world. Using a holistic perspective, the book tells the story of Amish religious experience in the words of the Amish themselves. Due to their long-standing friendships and relationships with Amish people, this author team may be the only set of interpreters able to provide an outsider-insider perspective. MORE DETAILS.

Amish Grace by Kraybill, Nolt, Weaver-Zercher

Amish-Grace-Authors-Donald-Kraybill-Steven-Nolt-David-Weaver-ZercherOn Monday morning, October 2, 2006, a gunman entered a one-room Amish school in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. In front of twenty-five horrified pupils, thirty-two-year-old Charles Roberts ordered the boys and the teacher to leave. After tying the legs of the ten remaining girls, Roberts prepared to shoot them execution style with an automatic rifle and four hundred rounds of ammunition that he brought for the task. The oldest hostage, a thirteen-year-old, begged Roberts to “shoot me first and let the little ones go.” Refusing her offer, he opened fire on all of them, killing five and leaving the others critically wounded. He then shot himself as police stormed the building. His motivation? “I’m angry at God for taking my little daughter,” he told the children before the massacre. MORE DETAILS.

Promise to Return: A Novel by Elizabeth Byler Younts

Promise-to-Return-(Promise-of-Sunrise)-Elizabeth-Byler-YountsIt’s 1943, and Miriam Coblentz and Henry Mast are nearing their wed­ding day when the unthinkable happens—Henry is drafted. However, since he is a part of the pacifist Amish tradition, Henry is sent to a conscientious objector Civilian Public Service camp. When he leaves for the work camp, his gaping absence turns Miriam’s life upside down. Little does she know it’s only the beginning… When Henry returns home, he brings news that shakes Miriam and their Amish community to the core. Henry believes God has called him to enlist in the army and fight for his country, leaving her to make an impor­tant decision: whether to choose loyalty to the peaceful life she’s always known or her love for Henry. Two worlds collide in this unforgettable debut novel, providing a fasci­nating and rare look into Amish culture during World War II. MORE DETAILS.